IMGP2682  Rope toy - flossing IMGP2683 IMGP2684  Searching for food IMGP2687  Sit for photo - notice shaved leg
IMGP2688  Getting the mean kitty IMGP2689  Getting the mean kitty IMGP2690  Standing and watching IMGP2691  Standing and watching
IMGP2693  The sun is out ! IMGP2698  The sun is out ! IMGP2699  The sun is out ! IMGP2700  The sun is out !
IMGP2701  The sun is out ! IMGP2709  Can you see the black dog ? IMGP2712  Green River IMGP2713  Green River
IMGP2714  Green River IMGP2715  Green River IMGP2728  Resting - Dogs life IMGP2729  Everyone needs a job
IMGP2731  Everyone needs a job IMGP2732  Everyone needs a job IMGP2742  March snow IMGP2743  March snow
IMGP2744  March snow IMGP2745  March snow IMGP2746  March snow IMGP2747  March snow
IMGP2748  March snow IMGP2750  March snow IMGP2719  Green River IMGP2723  Green River
IMGP2710  Bath IMGP2721  Green River IMGP2695  The sun is out !