5 Months

Cavu and Cabe 11 2011  Cabe (Dame) and Cavu IMGP4717  Watching IMGP4718  Watching IMGP4719  New Teeth
IMGP4720  New Teeth IMGP4721  New Teeth IMGP4722  Scouting for Elk IMGP4723  Scouting for Elk
IMGP4724  Scouting for Elk IMGP4725  Scouting for Elk IMGP4726  Scouting for Elk IMGP4727  Scouting for Elk
IMGP4728  Scouting for Elk IMGP4729  Scouting for Elk IMGP4730  Scouting for Elk IMGP4731  Scouting for Elk
IMGP4732  Playing with Colt IMGP4733  Playing with Colt IMGP4734  Playing with Colt IMGP4735  Playing with Colt
IMGP4736  Playing with Colt IMGP4737  Playing with Colt IMGP4738  Playing with Colt IMGP4739  Playing with Colt
IMGP4740  Playing with Colt IMGP4741  Playing with Colt IMGP4742  Playing with Colt IMGP4743  Playing with Colt
IMGP4744  Playing with Colt IMGP4745  Playing with Colt IMGP4746  Playing with Colt IMGP4747  Playing with Colt
IMGP4748  Playing with Colt IMGP4749  Playing with Colt IMGP4750  Playing with Colt IMGP4751  Being a pup
IMGP4752  Being a pup IMGP4753  Being a pup IMGP4754  Being a pup IMGP4755  Being a pup
IMGP4756  Being a pup IMGP4757  Being a pup IMGP4758  Being a pup IMGP4761  Being a pup
IMGP4762  Being a pup IMGP4763  Being a pup IMGP4764  Being a pup IMGP4765  Being a pup
IMGP4766  Being a pup IMGP4768  Being a pup IMGP4769  Being a pup IMGP4770  Being a pup
IMGP4771  Being a pup IMGP4772  Being a pup IMGP4773  Being a pup Jackson critters meet Cabe 11 2011  Cabe Colt and Mara